Benefits for adoption professionals

Parent Match Works for You

Parent Match is the only national database and search tool for adoption professionals. You’ve worked hard to build a network of referral sources through your adoption program, however, often your clients must wait months or years until the perfect match comes to your attention – time that often leads to frustration, increased cost of adoption and missed opportunity.

As a professional-to-professional network, Parent Match provides you with the tools and the information you need to be more successful -we never work directly with birth parents or adoptive parents.

As an adoption professional you work tirelessly for your clients every day. At Parent Match we are here to help you do that, more easily than ever before.

Parent Match provides adoption agencies and adoption attorneys with something you’ve never had before: a secure, confidential and professional-only database for client matching. Parent Match seamlessly integrates our adoption professionals with a few simple clicks of the mouse. After you enter a client’s information into the system, the chances of finding a match increase exponentially.

How? Imagine there’s an agency a few hours away from yours that has an expectant mother searching for an adoptive couple exactly like your clients. You want them to be able to find your clients quickly and easily. Although you’re confident in your networking efforts for your clients, you know from experience that sometime perfect matches can be missed in a sea of unfiltered information. But as a Parent Match member, you are not relying on word of mouth, and expensive advertising and searches that bring back hundreds of unsuitable matches. Because you put your adopting clients in Parent Match, their file will trigger an alert the minute the other agency starts searching, signaling a potential match for both sides. When the other agency sees a Parent Match match, they know it will fit their expectant mother’s criteria. They know to pick up the phone to call you.

Now imagine sitting in a hospital room with an expectant mother who has chosen you to find a family for her baby. Both she and the baby have very specific needs in a match. Again, you know from experience that finding this match could be a challenge. Rather than spend hours on your own, calling, emailing and sifting through profile websites, you simply log into Parent Match from your laptop while still sitting at her bedside. Together, you outline all those wants and needs and quickly find that perfect family from anywhere in the country. You have given her every available option,
faster and more efficiently than ever before.

For our members, those are not stories. This is the reality of using Parent Match.

Sign up today and see what you’ve been missing—bring together families faster than ever before.

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