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Somewhere out there, an expectant mother is looking for a home for her baby, a family that will treasure and nurture this child for years to come. At the same time, there is a caring person who dreams of building a family… and they may have been waiting a long time to find that special someone to love.

You’ve come here looking for answers, hoping for a small piece of information that will lead you to your child. You’ve probably been on a long journey already and it’s taken a lot to get to where you are. We’ve been there. So have so many Parent Match families, including Jamie and Brad. They were you not long ago. After a discouraging journey through infertility they decided on adoption. They found an agency that uses Parent Match and after completing their home study in October their agency had a match for them in December through another Parent Match agency. They held their baby boy for the first time the very next day.

The two Parent Match agencies had not known about each other before this connection. Parent Match made Jamie and Brad’s adoption journey amazingly short- less than two months from start to finish. Imagine holding your baby two months from now.

Parent Match was created after its founder, Dr. Ingber, witnessed adoption agencies without adoptive parents struggling to find homes for children.

This happens. Forget what you’ve been told.

It happened to Ilyssa and Ben as well- waiting with agencies in Connecticut and Florida for their match when Dr. Ingber heard about an agency in Alabama with more children than adoptive parents. They were matched *the same day*.

We have adoption professionals from all over the country signed up with Parent Match- from the biggest to the smallest. All of them have had unmatched children at some point. We allow all of these agencies and adoption attorneys to pull together to match children quickly with the best family available.

Your family.

Make sure your adoption professional is connected to Parent Match- your baby might be waiting right now. Click the button on the right to tell your agency to sign up today.

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