Dear Grandma and Grandpa

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Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Maybe you’re not sure what to do right now.  I feel that way, too.  Here are some thoughts I have on how you can love me:Grandparents With Cute Granddaughter
1.  Now that I’m here, please help me get to know my mommy and daddy.  I know you want to hold me and help take care of me (seems like everyone does), but I’m overwhelmed with so many people and so many new things.  I want to get to know what my mommy and daddy’s voices sound like, what they smell like, and if I can trust them. I need to do this first.
2. Please help my mommy and daddy spend more time with me. I heard mommy say there is so much laundry to do.  Maybe you could help her with things around the house, so she can have more time to play with me.
3. There are a lot of things I miss right now.  Everything is so different and I feel scared and sad sometimes.  I’d really like it if you could help my mom and dad make something I’m used to.  There was this food that I ate a lot when I was little.  Mom hasn’t learned to make it yet.  Maybe you could figure that out for her?
4. I’m trying to figure out who is in charge of me and if they are really going to take care of me and keep me safe.  It confuses me when you do things like feed me or tell me it’s ok for me to do something.  I need to know that my mommy and daddy are in charge.
If you are at our house and you see I need something, would you mind asking mommy and daddy first and then telling me if they said it’s ok for me to have or do something?  If I can hear you ask them, and hear them answer you, that’s even better.  It helps me feel safe.
5. I want to get to know you, too.  I just need a little time.  I know everyone says they have been waiting for me, but this whole family thing was a bit of a surprise on my end.  I need to stay close to home.  Maybe I can come to your house or go somewhere with you once I am feeling more settled.  I’m not sure how long that might take.  I’m just gonna warn you, it may take longer than you’d like.  Would you mind waiting on me to be ready? I really need to stick close to mommy and daddy so I can learn how to let them take care of me.  They seem pretty smart.  I think they will know when I am ready.
I have heard you say you love me. I think one day I will love you, too. I’m kinda figuring out how to love right now, and mommy and daddy are teaching me.   I know you taught them, so that makes you special.
Your Grandchild
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