It’s National Adoption Month!

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November is already half way over- how have you celebrated National Adoption Month?

I think it’s no coincidence NAM and Thanksgiving are in the same month- they both have the same meaning in our family. Here are some suggestions for celebrating your child this month:

  •       Talk about your adoption story. As my husband I tucked our 6 year old into bed last night we told him his adoption story, yet again. He had forgotten parts and it was a great reminder of how he came into our family. He went to bed with a huge smile on his face.
  •       Celebrate birth families. If you are lucky enough to have a relationship with your child’s birth family, send them a note, give them a call, make a gift. Do something small (or big!) to let them you know are thinking about them.
  •       Relive adoption memories.  For us that means watching videos of the day we met our children. I’m not much of a scrapbooker- but if you are, now is a great time to get that out again and look through it.
  •       Involve family and friends. It’s a great reason to bring up adoption in conversation, share adoption articles on social media and educate. Start any conversation with “So did you know this month is National Adoption Month?”
  •       Get involved. There are adoption events all over the country all month- check the Adoptive Families website or google “adoption events” to find adoption support groups, culture camps and meet-ups all over the country.
  •       Remember how you all came together. The craziness of everyday life gets in the way sometimes. Remember that your children were a gift to you and your joy was most definitely someone else’s heartache, don’t let that be lost on you.






Every month can be adoption month– we should celebrate our children all year! Let me know other ways you are celebrating!

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