What’s the big idea?

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What’s the big idea?

I have a lot of people question what we do here at Parent Match- how could we possibly match infants, children, teens with adoptive families across agencies?

Doesn’t every agency have a plethora of waiting families?

Doesn’t every infant get a family even before they are born?


And no.

There are so many misconceptions about what happens in the world of domestic adoption today in the United States.  Agencies have decided that now is the time to work together, to match families faster, to give expectant moms exactly the families they are looking for.

Every agency does not have a plethora of families waiting. An agency in a state with a low population may also have very few potential adoptive parents. An agency in a very populous place may have an expectant mom who wants her child to grow up in a rural area- far away from the population of adoptive parents in their mix. In the past seven days Parent Match has helped to place five infants. That meant 6 agencies who had never worked with each other before came together and worked for the good of two families.

Bringing people together for the good of families is what we do. Behind the scenes at Parent Match the computer system does the work. Agencies have already put information about their clients (adoptive and expectant parents) into our system and it then automatically generates specific potential matches based on everyone’s preferences.

So, why the big idea? There are babies to adopt! It doesn’t have to take years! Just ask the families who had the best Mother’s day week ever.


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