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“My sister felt so helpless in the adoption process. Watching her struggle through the emotional highs and lows and waiting for months to find her daughter was frustrating. There had to be a better way.” – Lori Barer Ingber, Founder of Parent Match

Lori Barer Ingber, PhD, President and Founder of Parent Match

Lori Barer Ingber, PhD, President and Founder of Parent Match

Dr. Lori Barer Ingber founded Parent Match in 2008 after years of watching countless friends and family members struggle with the domestic adoption process. From time-consuming paperwork to months of waiting, Lori felt there could be a smoother, more streamlined approach to domestic adoption that also offered vital safeguards and state-of-the-art security.

As an adoptive parent of two young children, Lori made it her mission to create a better system and enhance the domestic adoption experience for adoptive families and birth parents. From here, Parent Match was born.

Working closely with her technology team, Lori developed the first national, confidential database of birth and adoptive parents. Using patent-pending technology and advanced search functionality, this sophisticated technology allows licensed and reputable adoption agencies and attorneys from all around the country to connect on behalf of their adoptive families and expectant parents. The system helps providers find better matches, more quickly while still providing support and protection for their clients. Parent Match is an important tool that allows adoption providers to harness the power of the web  while reducing its risks.

An expert in women’s health, health behavior and public health, Lori received her PhD in Public Health from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Lori, her husband and their four children live in New Jersey.

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