Our Story

baby-handsWhen Ilyssa and Ben decided to adopt domestically, they found a wonderful adoption agency but a seemingly endless wait. As time went by, They nearly lost hope of finding a baby of their own. Lori (now Parent Match founder) jumped in to help. She followed a lead about an agency in the South with more available children than adoptive parents. Shocked at the possibility and afraid to get their hopes up, Ilyssa and Ben traveled to meet with the new agency. The story was, in fact, true. They were quickly matched to both a daughter and a son, adopting them as infants within six weeks of each other. Remarkably, their original adoption agency in the northeast had no way of knowing about the agency in the southeast who had waiting children and not enough adoptive parents. Full of passion and purpose, Lori decided she was not content to help only Ilyssa and Ben (who happened to be her sister and brother-in-law). She knew that they were one family among many navigating the difficulties of adoption and was haunted by children waiting for their forever families. She spent three years developing a patent-pending database for domestic adoption professional that allows them to connect with each other confidentially, securely and, most importantly, easily. Today, the adoption agency helping Ilyssa and Ben could have immediately found that their children were waiting several states away with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

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