Working Successfully with your Adoption Agency

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I get a lot of questions about choosing an adoption agency (we can help you do that!) but once you’ve chosen the agency and have invested yourself in that relationship you need to manage that relationship. After working with adoption professionals for years both personally and professionally, I can tell you a few things about the dynamic.

Here are some things a good agency WILL do for you:

  • Help you choose an adoption program. Domestic or International? China or Colombia? Your agency has the most information about each specific program and is able to guide you in the right direction.
  • Identify a child for you. While it is possible to identify a child through other means, your agency can and should be actively searching for a child that is a match for your family.
  • Give you all relevant social and medical information for the identified child.
  • For domestic adoptions: give you and the expectant mother sound psychological counseling.
  • For international adoptions: guide you through the in country process.
  • Follow up with you after the adoption- make sure everyone is settling in ok and if not, guide you to the appropriate resources to help you.

An agency should NOT be expected to:

  • Make the decision on which adoption program you should choose- only you can do that.
  • Make the decision on whether a particular child is the right match for your family.
  • Be your travel agent. Yes, they can guide you but you cannot expect them to make all travel plans.

Make sure you have an agency who you trust and can communicate openly with and then use this as a guide to navigate your relationship with them.

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